Wall English is located in Panjin, which sits in the Bohai region of the Liaoning province. Panjin is readily accessible by high-speed rail from Dalian, Beijing, and Shenyang.

Panjin sits on the LiaoHe Oilfield, which is Panjin’s principle industry. This source of income provides Panjin with a large middle-class population, and is the entire reason for the development of the area.

The city is part of a wetlands area, which helps sustain many rice fields in the area. The rice fields are home to many mitten crabs, which are a local delicacy. The main tourist season is in fall, when the Red Beach area becomes more vibrant and crabs are in season.

The climate can be quite harsh in winter, as Liaoning is part of the Northeast block of provinces in China. It receives strong winds year around, which keep the climate cooler in summer. Winter clothes are a necessity for visiting in the winter months.

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