Summer College Prep Classes

The Wall English Summer program always brings in a group of talented high school graduates looking to expand their language skills before they head off to University. During the two-week intensive courses, we focus on a number of key areas such as informal communication, team-work, public speaking, and understanding of Western culture and university life. As always, we like to encourage critical thinking skills that help these young adults transition to a more independent and confident stage of their lives. The summer program is a rewarding part of our teaching experience, as we get a chance to work with such a large group of highly motivated individuals.

2nd Annual Skiing Trip

In late January, Wall English took a group of students to the Lake Songhua Resort in Jilin. Temperatures dropped as low as -20° Celsius but that didn’t stop the students from taking part in winter sports and other winter activities. The skiing trip was an excellent chance for students to become immersed in an English environment while learning new skills.

Volunteering at a Local School

While many parts of the region are developing quite quickly, there are still many areas in China which are neglected. Wall English teachers organized and taught a few sessions to help local kids in rural areas become acquainted with spoken English. The difference between rural and urban areas are very distinct and China, which gives us a great opportunity to make a difference in our communities.

Students publish Spring newspaper

Wall English compiled a few weeks of in-class and homework assignments to create their very own student newspaper. It featured editorial pieces on different topics such as community issues and celebrity news. Overall, the newspaper did a great job of chronicling the hard-work and creativity that the students demonstrated over the spring term. Activities such as this are a great way to motivate the students to complete assignments using thoroughness and originality.

Soccer on Tomb-Sweeping Day

During the three day weekend, Wall English got the opportunity to get out and run around with the students. Elementary, Middle, and High School each took part in a soccer training exercise to develop both soccer and teamwork skills. Wall English believes that youth sports play an important role in youth development and is committed to encouraging students to be active and competitive.